Spicy Sundays

In October 2018, I flew to San Francisco with a backpack and a suitcase, nervous but excited to start a new chapter. I took an Uber to my friend’s apartment, which would end up being my home for the next three months. And as a company of three, it would also serve as our first office.

I arrived at the apartment in the early evening. When I stepped into the apartment, I found the two co-founders sitting at the dining table, hard at work with eager faces. We exhanged pleasantries and I sat down at the table, unsure what to do with myself. What do I work on first?

The first project ended up being something that, in retrospect, shouldn’t have been surprising at all. They asked me to set up payroll and accounting, which also led me down the rabbit hole of incorporating a company. Unfortunately, my undergrad business degree didn’t help much which also shouldn’t have been a surprise. So I did what I would do many times the next three months — figure it out.

As I pulled out my laptop and sprawled out on the couch (i.e. my bed), we decided what to eat for dinner. We ended up over-ordering spicy Chinese food from Caviar, which would become a weekly tradition for us known as Spicy Sundays (plus leftovers). And as we waited for food, we picked a TV show put on in the background. We eventually settled on season one of The Good Place on Netflix.

There we were: working, watching, eating. Every so often, we’d laugh or joke or chit-chat. So that’s how we stayed late into the night. It certainly wasn’t what I expected but I remember the scene like it was yesterday. And not only because it’ll likely be the only time I ever finish an entire TV season in one sitting.



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Vincent Tsao

Vincent Tsao

Endlessly curious, always optimizing. Startup and product enthusiast. vincenttsao.com