• When we were 3 people, we stayed up late one night (most nights, really) to talk product strategy. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. Earlier that day, we had gotten access to a new data vendor, an aggregator of individuals’ PII in the US. And this vendor forced us to have hard conversations about our key assumptions for the business. It was a clear pivot point — I went to bed in the early morning hours excited but terrified. It’s these conversations that supercharge our ability to peer into the future and stay ahead of the curve.
  • When we were 6 people, we obtained our first SOC 2 report, a comprehensive audit of our security and privacy practices. To get the coveted report, we stood up an entire information security and privacy program in two months. Besides the fact we knew next-to-nothing about security and compliance going in, we accomplished something that would take most companies a full-time team and half a year. Heck, we even tackled GDPR compliance while we were at it. It’s these kinds of challenges that teach us how to put one foot forward faster each time even when we don’t know exactly how to get there.
  • When we were 16 people, we re-launched our brand, including a new logo, website, and design system along with PR for our Series A funding. The night before the midnight launch, Slack was buzzing with last minute preparations. I distinctly remember the moment when I realized everyone was still up past 11 PM, and while I’m really not the kind of person for warm and fuzzies, there’s no better way to describe how I felt in that moment. It’s this level of dedication and care we put into our work that keeps the bar relentlessly high.
I even used a 💖!




Endlessly curious, always optimizing. Startup and product enthusiast. vincenttsao.com

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Vincent Tsao

Vincent Tsao

Endlessly curious, always optimizing. Startup and product enthusiast. vincenttsao.com

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