• Intentionally Julie

    Intentionally Julie

    Life is short; live it well. Fitness, self development, self love, and nutrition blogger chasing eudaemonia.

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

    Investor @ Pear Ventures. Prev. Investor @ FundersClub (YCS12). Prev. Product @ AltSchool & Kabam. Founder @ Product Manager HQ

  • Nicholas Hirsch

    Nicholas Hirsch

    Co-Founder @ Simply Augmented — https://www.simplyaugmented.com/, http://nickhirsch.com/

  • Tim Hwang

    Tim Hwang

    Software engineer at Persona (https://withpersona.com). We’re building the identity layer of the internet… and hiring! https://boards.greenhouse.io/persona

  • Michael Tran

    Michael Tran

  • Vickie Zhao

    Vickie Zhao

    Aspiring world traveler. Avid foodie. Above-average energy.

  • Jacob Ethan Flores

    Jacob Ethan Flores

    Poet, tech analyst, artist. Building bridges between design, technology, biology, and the commons.

  • Leland Ira Coontz IV

    Leland Ira Coontz IV

    Current: #Berlin #ProductOwner Past: #Bangkok TechLA @upfrontvc, 2014 @USC, Exec Prod @delishSC; Edtech @KDSI, CRM @Talentbinhiring, Biz Dev @soulpancake

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