The elephant in the 2020 room was COVID, slicing the year into distinct eras: the sliver of time pre-COVID, rudely cut short by early quarantine, leading to summer and fall quarantine when optimism was unreasonably high and things almost felt normal, and slowly crawling into winter quarantine.

I planned on…

I learned a new term this week. As I was scrolling through my email newsletter, I immediately fell for the title of this article hook, line and sinker. There was even a visceral reaction because this piece truly spoke to me.

To summarize:

People who don’t have much control over…

Every day at a startup, it’s a privilege to be working on a nimble, cohesive team. It just so happens that the team IS the company.

At every size of the company, there’s been certain moments I feel really damn proud to be on the team. These moments are special…

Photo by Tom Chen on Unsplash

Sci-fi is my absolute go-to. Books. Movies. TV shows. You name it.

I love the vivid, imaginative visions of the future. And I’m particularly enthralled by the depiction of cities and transportation.

There’s always a scene where the protaganist zooms into this glittering jewel of city on a spaceship. As…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Praising others doesn’t come naturally to me. Accepting praise even less so.

To deconstruct that thought:

  • Nature (i.e. my personality): I don’t take much time to celebrate. After a job well done, it’s onwards and upwards.
  • Nurture (i.e. my upbringing): Having a high bar, getting good grades, and bettering myself…

Vincent Tsao

Endlessly curious, always optimizing. Startup and product enthusiast.

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